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Cisco SRP527w Firmware/Fix needed urgently

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Cisco SRP527w Firmware/Fix needed urgently

Postby Guest » Mon Oct 04, 2010 6:16 pm

Hi there


After using various cisco equipment for years I thought it would be a good idea to use a Cisco ADSL Router for a job I am doing for a customer so I bought them a SRP527w. I now regret buying it as it locks up regularly and needs a reboot by the client which is embarrassing to say the least.The wireless sometimes stops routing requests to the DHCP server and they loose connectivity.Also after a preiod of time the web interface stops responding though traffic is still passing through the unit.


Can someone please link me to the latest firmware and how to install it.


Current firmware is:


1.01.09 001 Apr  7 2010


Thank you



Re:Cisco SRP527w Firmware/Fix needed urgently

Postby Guest » Mon Oct 04, 2010 6:55 pm

Hello Matt Clifford---The newest firmware for the SPR527W is currently at 1.01.19. You can download this firmware at our Cisco.com Website.

I am attaching the following link that should bring you to the download page for the new firmware.




When you download the new firmware save it to your desktop or a location where you prefer. The default IP address for the SRP527W is I would sign into the router using admin as user id and password is admin. (There are 2 different user ids that you can use to sign into

this router--you can use cisco as user id and password or admin as user id and password. Using admin you get more options when configuring the router) When you are in the router interface go to the Administration Tab and you will see the option for Upgrade Firmware.  Browse to the location where you placed the new firmware and then choose the file and start the upgrade. After the router completes the upgrade it is suggested that you perform a factory reset on the router. Just hold in the reset button on the router

for at least 30 seconds. After this you should be ready to configure your settings and hopefuuly you should be good to go.   




Rick Roe  


Re:Cisco SRP527w Firmware/Fix needed urgently

Postby Guest » Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:27 pm

Thank you Rick Roe,


I managed to find the firmware after posting this and discovered also the admin user, but your answer was spot on! As I am working remotely I could not do the factory reset, The router so far seems a lot more stable and after 6 hours or so I can still get into the web interface.


Thanks again


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