SA520 Syslog accounting?

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SA520 Syslog accounting?

Post by Guest » Mon Aug 03, 2009 11:56 pm

I can seem to get a straight answer from techsupport. Does anyone know how to turn on accounting on the SA520?  I need that data for my network management software.


Also, does anyone know when the next firmware upgrade is coming out?  There are some bothersome issues that I haven received a credible response on for over a week now that need to be fixed. If I can get these fixed - Im going to have to look at other devices.


Finally - how can we find out what is going to be fixed in the next release?





Re:SA520 Syslog accounting?

Post by Guest » Tue Aug 04, 2009 12:29 am

Sa520 can send SYSLOGS on UDP port 514 to a server in the NOC as far 

as I know.  Are you trying to figure out how to turn this on?  That is 

on the admin guide I am sure.


Do you have a case # to share someone may be able to follow up on the 

details.  I  not famaliar with what you mean by accounting?  Is that 

like an audit trail of access?


Release note will be distributed when the new FW is released.  I don  

think many people, except the QA test team, really have an idea on 

when they will be done based on what they are finding.  It would not 

be smart to promise dates for that reason. But that doc will specify 

all closed bugs as and remaining known issues.


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Re:SA520 Syslog accounting?

Post by Guest » Tue Aug 04, 2009 1:04 am

I have the logging going to my syslog server just fine.  However, it doesn include any packet sizes that is utilized to make percentages of various types of traffic per protocol.


Heres an entry - UID=0 [firewall] LOG_PACKET[ALLOW] IN=SELF OUT=LAN SRC= DST= PROTO=TCP SPT=443 DPT=56410  Component: KERNEL


But no packet size!



Cisco case #614981329.  Bluntly put - I have NEVER had this much trouble bringing a Cisco device online. The level of frustration may soon be insurmountable.


Is there at least a generic date on when it will be out?!?  Im at a crossroads - the SA520 is not adequate for my business needs and I can wait several weeks for a fix. However, if we e talking months - I need to evaluate other equipment.



What I like about the SA520:

  1. Its Cisco ..  and rack mountable
  2. Rack mountable
  3. Inexpensive URL filtering


What I dislike about the SA520:

  1. Logging is not up to Cisco standards. [CRITICAL]
  2. Web user interface with no CL available
  3. Redirect screen for the URL filtering is more of a TREND MICRO advertisement
  4. Redirect screen for the URL filtering is not configurable.
  5. The OIDs in SNMP seem to be off and don always work.


If Cisco can fix the logging - I can wait for the other items.





Re:SA520 Syslog accounting?

Post by Guest » Tue Aug 04, 2009 1:45 am

I will help you with this.  I am home already (looooong week).  Can we 

pick this up Monday?


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Technology Solutions Architect - Sales

Cisco Systems

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North Carolina, U.S.A



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Re:SA520 Syslog accounting?

Post by Guest » Tue Aug 04, 2009 2:20 am

Sure.  Monday would be fine.


Hopefully, we can at least get the logging issued squared away.;




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