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SFE1000p and POE

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SFE1000p and POE

Postby Guest » Sun Oct 10, 2010 10:36 pm

Hello everyone,


This is my first post here and Im really hoping for some help.  I just picked up the SFE1000p so I could set up a small VoIP lab at home.  I am having trouble with the POE.  The only reason I needed it  It does not want to power my phones at all.  This is what I have:


2 x 7960 G with SCCP firmware

1 x 7940 G with SIP firmware

1 x Polycom 321


Could be that Im new with POE switches, but I was hoping it would just be a plug in the switch and the phone and all would be fine, especially since it is all more or less cisco...but the cisco phones are the only ones not getting power.  Polycom came up eagerly, the 3 cisco sets just don get any power.  But when I check the status on the ports they are showing as UP.  Ive already double checked that POE was enabled for the phone ports, but I can figure out what to do past that.  Can anyone help with this?


Thank you muchly......



Re:SFE1000p and POE

Postby Guest » Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:06 pm

Welcome to Cisco Community.


The SFE can only push 15.4W on four ports or 7.5W on 8 ports and also the power supplied is IEEE802.3af; which your phones are not capable of. The next model up; 7941 and 61 are 802.3af compatible however. Unfortunately your only option is to use the power brick for the phones.


here is a link the phone guide, which should have all the info you need.




Re:SFE1000p and POE

Postby Guest » Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:35 pm

The other option is to obtain an ESW model switch, which is recommended for use with Cisco IP phones for UC500 deployments, if his is a UC500 deployment.


ESW switch model power calculator is here too:





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