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0/0 into an ipv4 vrf

Posted: Sun Sep 05, 2010 11:03 pm
by Guest
Im trying to figure out the best way to get a default route into my test vrf.  Since Im doing BGP between all my PEs, it seems sensible that I try to originate the default route in BGP instead of redistributing it from another protocol.  Im having problems doing this.- Ive tried to default-information originate within the ipv4 address family, then redistribute that default from the global table into the VRF, but Cisco doesn like bgp to bgp redistribution.- The BGP sessions that are established between the PEs are established via the global table, not from within the ipv4 vrf address family, so I can configure default-originate from in there either.- Id rather not establish sessions with other PEs from within the ipv4 vrf address family.  Other than being able to see the default route in that address family, theres really no other information that has to be in that routing table, so unless theres no other way to do what I want, I don see a need to complicate that routing table at all.Any ideas?  Im sure its possible, Im just still a bit ignorant. Thanks in advance.

Re:0/0 into an ipv4 vrf

Posted: Sun Sep 05, 2010 11:29 pm
by Guest
Assuming you want to originate a default from one of the PEs that has your test vrf configured, you can either use default-information originate (requires redistribution) or network command under the respective vrfs MP-BGP configuration. For example lets assume your vrf is TEST and you have a static default route already configured in this VRF on one of the PE devices. From this PE device you can originate a default via MP-BGP to rest of the PEs having visibility of your VRF using the following: router bgp XXX  address-family ipv4 vrf TEST    network    exit-address-family Atif