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RS-232 commands for a Sony TV connected to a DMP

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Re:RS-232 commands for a Sony TV connected to a DMP

Postby Guest » Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:33 pm


I am glad that you have had some success with this issue. Pointing a browser to the DMP IP address to see the settings is the only method I know to check the configuration.


However, to see the the RS232 settings, you can use : https://<dmp IP address>/get_param?p=rs232.*





Re:RS-232 commands for a Sony TV connected to a DMP

Postby Guest » Wed Jul 14, 2010 6:16 pm

Hi Jeff,


Finally I can control Sony 50", 32" and 40" TVs using RS-232 commands.


In my previous comment I mentioned that the device parameter rs232.device T_STRING /dev/ttyS0 was different from yours rs232.device T_STRING /dev/ttyS1, talking to a Cisco support person, I was told "thats the right tty for the 4400."


I created a new System Task to replicate the non-DMTech command but I set the dmttv to yes rather than no :


Original non-DMTECH command:



my new command I executed before sending the TV on/off command:



this command rebooted the DMP and after that sending the TV Off and On commands (as per our earlier posts) worked. 


Im still not sure why the Sony TV requires dmttv = yes but Im just relieved it works.


Also just a note, the 50" Sony requires a straight RS-232 cable connected to the DMP whereas the 32" and 40" requires a cross-over RS-232 cable for the commands to work.


Thank you for your assistance, this issue is now resolved.






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